Douleurs Sans Frontières Stop The Pain

Douleurs Sans Frontieres (Pain Without Borders) in France is raising awareness of its programmes against pain, specifically raising awareness of the cyclical nature of pain. The TV ad, launched on Global Day Against Pain, October 15, 2008, shows a young boy caught on a treadmill of suffering.

Douleurs Sans Frontieres Orphan

The TV ad explores the consequences of constant psychological damage or physical harm on children in particular. A child finds himself an orphan and a refugee, having to cope with trauma associated with earthquakes, war and displacement. He keeps picking himself up and walking, finding himself confronted time and time again by the death of his mother. It soon becomes clear that he is walking on a conveyor belt, caught in a cycle of pain.

The commercial was part of a campaign to create a “pain petition” to be presented to the United Nations at the end of 2008. Viewers are encouraged to visit the website,, to make a donation and to sign the petition to stop pain. See the print part of the campaign here.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Douleurs San Frontieres campaign was developed at TBWA\MAP Paris by executive creative directors Sébastien Vacherot and Manoelle Van der Vaeren, art director Stéphane Lecoq, copywriter Alban Pénicaut.

Filming was shot by directors Philippe Gamer and Fred Remuzat via Space Patrol with producer Alexandre Calogeropoulos. Post production was done at Space Patrol and TBWA ELSE by Severine Damolini, sound designers Alexandre Fay-Keller, Fabrice Pouvreau, Valery Pellegrini.

Music is by French electronic music act M83 via EMI France.