Don’t Stop the Dialogue on MySpace

MySpace commissioned this PSA as part of the iKeepSafe campaign, online at Parents are encouraged to stay in conversation with their children as they venture into the online world. Comparisons are made with learning to drive as parents teach safety practices. “The first time she went to the park alone you told her not to talk to strangers. When she drove the car you told her to wear her seatbelt.”

MySpace Driving Lesson PSA


“Don’t Stop the Dialogue” was produced by Big Fuel for MySpace. It will run on and MySpace Safety along with featured safety tips and a soothing message from CSO Hemanshu Nigam.

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  • Baja Real Estate

    I personally known parents who just don’t care anymore about their children, not even to ask them about school or how are they doing overall. They think that by giving them money and providing for them all will be fine. I just don’t understand this lack of interest. This is a powerful campaign. I hope it sticks to peoples minds.