Do You Feel Lucky in Norway

Norsk Tipping, the National Lottery in Norway, provides us with an imaginative play on the concept of luck with a television commercial featuring four leaf clovers. The Norsk Tipping logo is made up of four sections and so connects well with the Irish emblem of luck.

Tennis player with clover head in Norsk Tipping television commercial

To the sounds of Postal Service singing “From Such Great Heights”, a pedestrian walks along a pavement, oblivious to the packing case falling behind him. As he turns to discover how close he was to being unlucky, his head turns into a four leaf clover. A tennis player wins a rally with a net ball. A stunt man lands in a swimming pool. A couple celebrate getting lucky. A four leaved sperm arrives first at the ovum. Finally we see the connection with a woman checking out her luck on the Norsk Tipping instant scratch lottery. “Do You Feel Lucky?”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Lucky campaign was developed at TRY, Oslo, by art director Thorbjørn Ruud and copywriter Petter Bryde.

Filming was shot by director Joachim Trier via Moland Film, Oslo, Norway.