Divine Intervention in Italian Gerontocracy

Adci (Art Directors Club Italiano) and Promocard run an annual competition every year in Italy called Carta Bianca (White Paper). The brief is different every year, but it always concerns social issues. This year’s theme, “Is there room for me?” brought in 207 entries from professionals and 101 from students. Here’s the “Ex Voto” entry from Cayenne in Milan, featuring Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit stepping in to make room for younger people.

Each of the three scenarios below ends with the phrases, “Per Grazia Ricevuta” (For Divine Grace) and “i Giovani Dirigenti” (Join the Leaders).

PGR Jesus print advertisement

The 75 year-old notary flew over the Portofino headland. Divine Mercy intervened on his behalf there and sent him straight to Heaven by a UFO.

PGR Holy Spirit print advertisement

“Il Sepantacinquenne Primario Correva sui suoi 500 cavalli. Lo Spirito Santo volse gli occhi verso il basso e inflammo lui e la sua auto in un fuoco eterno.”

“When the head physician was 75 years old he ran on his 500 horses. The Holy Spirit turned his eyes down and burned him and his car in an eternal flame.”

PGR Virgin Mary print advertisement

When the managing director was 80 years old, he defied the waves with his yacht. There the Immaculate Conception, in disguise, made him slip down to the deep.


The Per Grazia Ricevuta campaign was developed at Cayenne, Italy, by creative directors Giandomenico Puglisi and Stefano Tumiatti, copywriter Evelin Loprete, art director Giorgio Tezza, illustrator Marco Marella.

Art director Giorgio Tezza explains some of the team’s thinking…

“There were many ways to talk about gerontocracy in Italy, but every one was banal or boring. The gerontocracy issue is very real for us. Thinking ironically, we thought that the only chance to change the Italian system was asking for grace to God. Our campaign is called EX VOTO like ex votos which were placed in Catholic churches from people who received grace. The protagonists of the campaign are Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost, being the only ones who can save us.”

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