Diet Pepsi Max Nod What Is Love?

Pepsi is providing a Super Bowl ad for Diet Pepsi Max, with musical and visual references to the infamous Butabi Brothers (Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell) SNL sketch and movie, A Night At The Roxbury. Super Bowl commentators are joined by nodding workers across the country, with cameos by Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Macy Gray, Missy Elliott, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. Their sleep and recovery phases are accompanied by the sounds of What is Love, a 1993 dance track by Trinidadian eurodance and house musician Haddaway. And is that Chris Kattan at the ending saying, “Stop It!”?

Diet Pepsi Max Nod

Click on the image below to play the video.


“Nod” was developed at BBDO, New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Don Schneider, creative director/copywriter Brian Donovan, creative director/art director Mike Boulia, executive agency producer Amy Wertheimer.

Filming was shot by Australian director Paul Middleditch via A White Label Product, with director of photography Bill Pope. Editor was Tom Muldoon with Nomad. VFX/SFX were developed at The Mill.

What Is Love (Single Mix) – What Is Love – EPDownload Haddaway What is Love online at iTunes