Diesel Kid Explorers of the Past and Future

Diesel’s Kid Fall/Winter 2008 range has been presented in an integrated advertising campaign, featured online at today’s site of the day, www.dieselkids.com. The Explorers of the Past and Future campaign, developed at abstract groove in Milan, won a Gold for Online Film in the Interactive category at the Epica Awards 2008.

Diesel Kids Binoculars

Enter a world of winged horses, vintage fantasy space bikes and imaginative intergalactic galleon contraptions and let the kids take you on a space-race to find “the treasure” in the strangest of strange space-scape you ever did see.

The Short Movie

In a surreal dream we follow the adventures of a band of Diesel kids searching for a hidden treasure. Through ancient and futuristic lands the explorers have to find four keys to open the cove’s gate.

The Movie is a mixture of different techniques and styles: live action, stop motion, motion graphic and 3D.

“We made use of our creative imagination to produce something with a new taste. Usually we work digitally but this time digital has been only an instrument for giving life to handmade and analog elements”, said abstract groove creative director Luigi Pane.

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The Press Campaign

Giada Risso, executive producer at abstract groove, said, “We wanted the printed pictures to look like a kind of hi-definition frames “grabbed” from the movie. To obtain this result we needed a photographer used to work in adverse conditions. That’s why we opted not for a fashion photographer but for a master of action portraits, Guido Harari. During the live action shooting Guido suited himself to the movie camera to catch as much as possible the frames we needed”.

Diesel Kids Mappa

Diesel Kids Mappa

Post Production and Sound Design Process

To obtain a “retro-futuristic” mood, the a:g team decided to re-produce low-fi smaller sets and models, made by cardboards and natural materials, to create all the backgrounds and than compose all the elements together. The music and sound Fx were created with the same theory: recording every-day noises. So a bike wheel became a bass drum rhythm.


The Explorers campaign was developed at abstract:groove by creative director/art director Luigi Pane, director of photography Luca Fantini, executive producer Giada Risso, photographer Guido Harari, producer Mauro Mastronicola, VFX designers (2D and 3D animation) Vichie Chinaglia, Vito D’Ambrosio, Luca Siano and Valentina Vicini.

Music and sound design were by Franky B.

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