DHL Online Tracking in Beijing

DHL’s online tracking program was recently promoted in an ambient stunt in Beijing, China. A large silhouette of a computer cursor was placed on vans and human couriers as they drove and walked around Beijing’s Central Business District. The simple stunt/live activity appears to have led to a drop in telephone enquiries and increase in online tracking click counters.

The English translation for the Chinese text, “24 Hours Online Tracking.”.

DHL Online Tracking Van stunt

DHL Online Tracking Van stunt


The DHL Online Tracking Courier stunt was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing, by group executive creative director Nils Andersson, executive creative director KweiChee Lam, creative director/art director Michael Wong, art director XiaoChen Li, copywriter Yue Song, account service team Mary Jane Butler and Raina Zhang.

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