Dettol Hands are Everywhere

Reckitt Benckiser marketed Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer with a print advertising campaign illustrating the fact that our hands risk infection throughout the day. It’s almost a modern version of the gender stereotypes found in the English nursery rhyme, “What are little girls made of?”.

Dettol kid's hand

Little children’s hands cuddle puppies, pick noses, and pick up crayons, cockroaches, toys, coins, and paint.

Dettol man's hand

Men’s hands hold door handles, magazines, computer mice, money, hand tools, TV remotes, fuel pump handles, hamburgers, telephones, car keys, writing implements, cash, as well as shaking hands…

Dettol woman's hand

Women’s hands hold escalator rails, wash cloths, caclulators, fish, commuter handles, toilet paper, shoes, cupboard handles, towels, shopping trolleys, as well as baking, planting and shaking other peoples’ hands.


The Dettol Hands campaign was developed at Euro RSCG Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by executive creative director Case Deenadayalan, creative director/copywriter Ramanjit Singh Gulati, art director Hital Pandya, with photography (Justin) and retouching produced at ImageROM.

  • Anannya Rahman

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  • The makers of the ‘Dettol super safe hands-free’ soap dispenser conveniently gloss over the fact that whenever you touched your old-fashioned germ-smothered dispenser you normally wash your hands with soap straight afterwards. Yay another great way for neurotic shopers to be duped into to spending money on stuff that will end up as land-fill.