Death Cab For Cutie I Will Possess Your Heart

Death Cab For Cutie has received recognition for their music video, “I Will Possess Your Heart”, for Best Editing in a Music Video, at the MTV Video Music Awards held on Sunday September 8.

Death Cab For Cutie screen shot from I Will Possess Your Heart

The music video features the Washington based band performing in an industrial freezer room, interspersed with footage of a young woman traveling around the world alone. There are two versions of the video. The first, 8 minutes 30 seconds, was designed to accompany the single, with its long introduction. A shortened video was put together to go with the 4 minutes long radio edit.

Death Cab For Cutie screen shot from I Will Possess Your Heart

Directing, cinematography and editing were shared by Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Shawn Kim. Footage of the band was covered by Kim, represented by Sheldon Prosnit Agency and known for his work on the Feist 1234 and Yeah Yeah Yeahs maps music videos. Stewart-Ahn, director with Otaku House, put together footage from travel in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Carthage, Tunis, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Tokyo, Hokkaido and New York City.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Aaron came up with the spark of the travel idea when looking at Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism album. He’d been living outside the United States from 1993 to 2001 and traveled solo a lot. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough money to take the concept any further. See more on his reflections at Antville.

He writes on his blog about the experience of filming the travel shots.

“My crew of 2, an actress, and myself covered some 27977 miles in 13 days shooting this. The defining statement was “let’s wrap cause I want to get the next snowmobile out of here”. The experience was the best I’ve had in my life, though incredibly challenging. I’ve always felt that travel is a defining human experience that changes you forever, and hope that this depiction of wanderlust, obsessiveness, repetition, and loneliness conveys some of that.”