Dare to Think in Belgium

University of Ghent in Belgium is daring potential students to think with a print advertising campaign featuring visual puzzles. One ad in particular has got people thinking very hard – a photograph of the Olympic rings, the Darfur colours green, black and red, an invitation to dream of the Olympics hosted by Darfur in 2020.

Durf Denken Darfur 2020

The ad raises several questions. Will the world be changed by 2020? How would you start organising such a thing? What is the role of sports in global politics? What impact will this year’s Beijing Olympics have on countries such as Darfur in the long run? The ad was presented to the University of Ghent in December 2007 and approved by the Belgian Olympic Committee. Before going to print the ad was turned down by the International Olympic Committee because such use of the trademarked rings was forbidden.

Why would anyone advertise a “Light Apple”? Why does an African family adopt a white child? What’s going on with the coat rack? Has everybody left work early? Why?

Durf Denken Apple

Durf Denken Coat Rack

Durf Denken Africa


The Dare to Think (Durf Denken) campaign is being developed Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, Belgium, by creative director Jan Teulingkx, art director Ilse Pierard, copywriter Raf de Smet, with photographers Michael Meyersfeld, Evert Thiry, and Kris van Beek.