Dairy Farmers Rise to Smoothie Guy

Dairy Farmers in Australia is promoting its new breakfast drink with a television commercial featuring “Smoothie Guy”, the author of A Life of Awesomeness. Real Smoothie Guy turns up in his Jag – so smooth he can slip along his car and move without walking. He hears there’s a new smoothie in town. Note the number of times Dairy Farmers products are featured in the commercial.

Dairy Farmers Smoothie Guy

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Dairy New Farmers Smoothie campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, creative director Simon Langley, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Benn Sutton, and agency producer Carla Robertson.

Filming was shot by director Steve Saussey via Film Construction, with producer Sacha Hodgson and executive producer Roy De Giorgio. Editor was Stuart Morley.