Dairy Farmers Rise to Smoothie Guy

Dairy Farmers in Australia is promoting its new breakfast drink with a television commercial featuring “Smoothie Guy”, the author of A Life of Awesomeness. Real Smoothie Guy turns up in his Jag – so smooth he can slip along his car and move without walking. He hears there’s a new smoothie in town. Note the number of times Dairy Farmers products are featured in the commercial.

Dairy Farmers Smoothie Guy

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The Dairy New Farmers Smoothie campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, creative director Simon Langley, art director Jed De Pyper, copywriter Benn Sutton, and agency producer Carla Robertson.

Filming was shot by director Steve Saussey via Film Construction, with producer Sacha Hodgson and executive producer Roy De Giorgio. Editor was Stuart Morley.

  • omg

    This ad is awesome

  • Tom

    This is the best Ad ive seen in years.

  • debbie

    This version is missing a shot! Youtube for the one that goes for 31sec. It has a great shot of him sliding towards the fridge. It’s short, but so good. I don’t know why on earth it was cut – probably because some marketing stooge wanted more LOGO at the end…

  • Ben

    I agree this ad is brilliant! Who would have thought backward sliding a guy over a car could be so funny?

  • Smoothie Guy Tommy

    What You Think .. One Of My Better Pieces Of Work I’ll Say 😉
    Don’t I Look Just Ravishing In It
    That Really Hurt You No, Im Glad You Think Its Funny – Ben

  • The Smoothie Guy
  • Mikaylaaa


  • John

    Does anyone the bass guitar tab for this?

  • Camertron

    This ad changed my life 😀

  • The ACTOR

    Well I’m sure you guys think the Smoothie TVC is funny but in reality the Commercial is a very poor production.

    If you have any knowledge of production quality you’ll firstly notice the quite poor lighting. Check out my eyes on the close up. I look knackered!

    We started on set at 6.30 am and shot a lot of close-ups many hours later and with bad lighting and little regard that I may have been a bit tired by then after the car stunt numerous times, etc, etc:

    Maybe they could’ve used some clear-eyes way before they finally did give me some eye drops. And a little ‘dido’ light would’ve brightened them up as well.

    Secondly, the ‘take’ sliding over the car was a ‘fluke’ as we rehearsed it to do in 2 takes. One up the windscreen then cut-away to a close-up for the turn and then down the other side.

    On the rehearsal it went perfectly as 1 movement, just by pure chance. And usually when you’re spending so much money on a TVC, you ‘shoot’ the rehearsal just incase (and usually it happens), it goes perfectly.

    Well guess what? No they didn’t shoot the rehearsal. A very poor decision here because then it took us quite a lot of takes to get it as smooth a movement. On the last 2 takes we actually cracked the car’s windscreen when my butt slid over. I was wearing a harness under wardrobe for the wires for the ‘flying rig’ to attach to. Hence restricting the amount of re-takes dramatically and decreasing the safety level.

    Also if you notice the voice was dubbed over my own. Also an act that I and many of my colleagues feel ‘cheapens’ the quality of the ad as it looks like bad ‘syncing’. And also questions why didn’t they use my voice that we spent time in a Sydney recording studio purposely to gain the same ‘Smooth’ character voice.

    If anyone knows anything about ‘recording studios’ it’s amazing how you can affect someone’s voice without having to again pay another artist to record over the top. Also a waste of time and money for the client.

    Also check out the pants as I move from the refridgerator. They had 2 pairs. One for the harness to fit under for the car slide and then one to wear which were about 2 sizes too small for me. Very uncomfortable.

    Also the BIG ‘hair style’ at the beginning of the shoot flattened out by the end of the shoot. This is something called ‘bad continuity’.

    Luckily we shot it more or less sequentially.

    Usually scenes are shot out of order and if this had happened you would get varied unmatched looks. Also the hair style on the book cover is in no way consistent with the character in the commercial. Because obviously not much thought was given to the character much before the shoot day. Usually a very important decision way before shooting but then again even on the shoot day at 7am, I was changing my wardrobe numerous times because of conflict between the production/agency/client.

    Very awkward as an actor trying to get into character when you’re in amongst arguments about the colour of pants to use. Also showing very poor pre-production organisation.

    Actually they hadn’t even decided on the Actor for the gig until 2 days before shooting. After a very lengthy casting process nationally.

    Anyway guys there’s a bit of an insight to the actual shooting of the ad.

    I’m rather disgruntled as I am a trained Actor/Stunt Performer/Voice Artist and have been involved in many productions including my own and when I hear people give praise to something that really is not very good (though yes it is a tad funny) and that cost the client, Dairy Farmers, I imagine quite a very $$$, I just have to have my say. Also it may sound like I’m concerned about my ‘look’. But when you’re talking commercial advertising, everything must look good. Not just the product. Look at U.S. productions. If we want to be taken seriously in this country we have to pick up our game. Especially when so much money is wasted.

    This is the ‘Inspiration’ Room and I feel only being truthful will inspire others to do much better work.

    So guys take a closer look next time and see how, if it can be made better. Enjoy.

    Sorry ‘Smoothie Guy Tommy’ to dispel belief that it was you.

  • Krystle Lee

    The ad was amazing it seems to get a lot of people laughing over it and the rises are really nice to, i only by Dairy Farmers products int the supermarkets and no other brands got to support the local farmers and no one else.

  • akmal

    im doing this add for a school project
    i have to write a 300 word summary about what meathods adds use to express their product and this idea is so far the best i’ve seen
    Great job 🙂

  • The ACTOR

    By the way, in support of local product, which I am an avid supporter, especially in support of local dairy farmers (I’ve had my fair share of 4.30am milking). Dairy Farmers is being sold to a Japanese company Kirin (National Foods). I wonder how much they’ll be paying our farmers for their milk supply. Why most dairies (if not already part owned by off-shore companies) have disappeared amongst our beautiful landscape. They get screwed the same as most of our farmers so these OS companies can make much more profit by sending our prime produce overseas and sell at exorbitant prices.


  • I liked it so much , its on my site !



  • Taylor

    The dodgy production is what makes it. The ad is set in some random country town, not a slick inner city something or other.