Cure For Life Birthday Cards

The Cure For Life Foundation in Australia is raising funds for research into a cure for brain cancer. To promote the cause DDB Sydney and Filmgraphics created “Birthday Cards”, a heart wrenching TV ad highlighting the impact of cancer death for parents in their twenties and thirties.

Mother grieving over future birthday cards

Brain Cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in adults aged 20-39, so particularly affecting young parents – and in turn, the children and families who live through the loss of their loved one.

We’re shown a mother who knows she won’t live long enough to be with her baby daughter as she grows older. The insight ‘We don’t know what causes brain cancer, but we do know what it affects.’ portrays the emotionally distressing reality for those diagnosed with brain cancer.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Birthday Cards ad was developed at DDB Sydney by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, deputy creative director Steve Back, art director Adam Rose, copywriters Ben O’Brien and Alex Wadelton and agency producer Honae MacNeill.

Filming was shot by director Jono Nyquist via Filmgraphics, Sydney, with producer Warwick Boulter, and editor Cameron Hales.

Music is Hope For The Hopeless, A Fine Frenzy (Alison Sudol), via The Ant Farm, Los Angeles.