Cupboard Door Injuries

The National Centre for Domestic Violence in the UK launched a TV advertising campaign over Christmas 2007, challenging the denial often associated with family violence. A woman in a white bathrobe walks down the stairs of her home, collects the mail from the front door and wanders into her kitchen to put the kettle on. Suddenly she’s attacked by the kitchen cupboards, left with a gash on her face and likely bruising on her side. “Cupboard doors get blamed for 330,000 injuries a year in the UK.”

Cupboard Door Injury

Click on the image below to play the video.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence (formerly the London Centre for Domestic Violence) specialises in helping victims of domestic violence obtain non-molestation and other orders (injunctions) from court to protect them from further abuse.


Cupboards was developed at JWT, London, by art director Ross Callow, copywriter Simon Bullett and agency producer Romila Sanassy. Bullett writes at the Annex blog, “We wanted to make people aware of the huge number of women who have to endure assaults but disguise the truth of how they get the bruises, forced to hide behind excuses of domestic accidents or clumsiness.”

Filming was shot by Paul Andrew Williams via Annex Films, London, with director of photography Chris Ross and producer Hans Elias.

Copywriter Bullett explains the choice of Williams: “We first became aware of Paul Andrew Williams after seeing his feature, London to Brighton, and felt it had a raw, menacingly real quality that Paul could bring to what would be his first commercial.”

Post production was done at Prime Focus, London. Sound was designed at Angell Sound, London. Editor was Mike Baldwin.