Crown Lager Tink Starts Something Special

Foster’s in Australia is promoting Crown Lager, the premium beer, with “Tink”, a television commercial directed by Garth Davis.

Crown Lager Tink

The television advertisement picks up the reputation the beer has for use on special occasions such as weddings. A clink of a ring on the bottle leads to nearby diners using their spoons to ‘tink’ on their champagne-shaped glasses. Before long the noise attracts the attention of people on the street and in the pub on the other side of the road. Across the city lights flicker. Patrons in both establishments know that this is a time to pause proceedings and listen to the speech about to be delivered. The tinking stops, the music starts and the first guy is on the spot. He’s started something special.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Tink was developed at BADJAR Ogilvy Melbourne by creative director/copywriter Michael Knox, creatives Rebecca Griffiths and Joe Hill, agency producer Tim Marxsen, and account director Matt Rose.

Filming was shot by director Garth Davis via Exit Films with producer Karen Sproul, with editor Jo Scott at Digital Pictures.

Foster’s representatives were Ben Summons, Beau Boundy and Danielle Lynch.