Creative Freaks in Australian Directors Guild

The Australian Director’s Guild is running a conference, September 25 to 28. As can be expected, the group has commissioned a commercial to entice prospective conference goers to the web site and registration form. The theme of the conference, ‘creative collaborations’, inspired this mockumentary about the often unusual individuals who make up the film industry.

Man with large eye in ADG television commercial

The film, directed by Ben West, introduces us to freaks with a large creative eye, an extra ear, a huge mouth, and two extra hands. The documentary explores what it’s like to go through childhood and teenage years being considered different.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Filming was shot by Ben West via Soma Films, with director of photography Nicola Daley, producer Sarah Nichols, editor Danny Tait at The Tait Gallery.

Music was provided by Nick West at Sandcastle Studios.

Wendy Green at Outcast found people to play the freaky characters.