Craig Kinder Copy Complains

Craig Kinder, photographer with f22 Photography in Perth, commissioned a series of three print advertisements featuring the complaints of copy in “Shock”, “Food” and “Swim”. Above each of these ads the text reveals how difficult it is to be upstaged by Craig’s brilliant photography. Keep your eyes on the photography only if you’re easily offended by swearing and cursing.

Craig Kinder Food print advertisement

Craig Kinder Food print advertisement
Craig Kinder Swim print advertisement

Man, of all the pages, in all the world, I had to end up on this one. Being copy sucks…
Oh, it’s nice of you to finally notice. Yes there is some copy up here – not that anyone gives a shit…
Hello??? Yes there is copy up here. I don’t know why I bother, really. You’ve Kinder’s in-your-face pic down there…


The Complaints series was developed at Block, Perth Australia, by creative director/copywriter Mark Braddock, art director Ben Wright, and of course, photographer Craig Kinder at f22 Photography.