Cool Melbourne Jolt

Cool Melbourne, found online at, has been set up a one-stop shot for all things environmental, inspirational, practical and sustainable. The organisation was founded by photographer and adventurer Jason Kimberley to make an eco-link between science and Melbourne community, businesses and schools. But, of course, how do you get people to visit the web site?

Cool Melbourne Jolt scene

This television commercial, “Jolt”, challenges Melbourne viewers to do something now, rather than waiting for the world to stop. The spot, directed by Micca Delaney, was screened as part of ‘Shots Evolution Australia’ in Sydney earlier this month.

Around Melbourne residents find themselves being tipped out of balance. Shopping trolleys roll into cars. The contents of fridges are swept from one side to another. Micca has chosen the path of subtlety, using visual clues rather than resorting to swinging the camera around.

“Does the world have to stop turning before we start acting?” “Help reduce the Earth’s warming. Sign up at”.


The Jolt ad was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, by executive creative director Ben Coulson, art director Frank Muller, copywriter Katie Britton, and agency producer Luisa Peters.

Filming was shot by director Micca Delaney via Exit Films with producer Allison Lockwood.