Commonwealth Bank Game Show

The latest installment from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia advertising campaign, Game Show, promoting the Mortgage Check, a second opinion on mortgages. Sweeney, the account director from fictional American advertising agency Luke & Luke presents a pitch to Will, a representative from the Commonwealth Bank, mistakenly referring to Austria rather than Australia. Sweeney and the creative team suggest a game show demonstrating how fickle the mortgage market is. The Bank marketer is not impressed. “First of all mortgages aren’t a game. I think we need to keep it straight – get a second opinion on your mortgage from Australia’s lending home owner.”

Game Show model used in Commonwealth Bank TV ad

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The Determined to Be Different campaign, online at, is being rolled out by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

B&T, an Australian advertising industry magazine, commissioned a survey at gauging public response to the Commonwealth Bank campaign. To the surprise of most in the industry it appears that the Commonwealth Bank leads the rank when it comes to the question, “Which of the following banks do you think has the best advertising?”

Retired advertising mogul John Singleton earlier this month labelled the campaign “obscene” and a “waste of money”, calling on the Commonwealth Bank to drop the campaign and sack it’s marketing manager. See more at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.