Collective Intellect on Social Media

Collective Intellect,, is today’s Site of the Day. Collective Intellect is a social media research group founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2005. The group offers businesses in-depth research into online conversations and trends around the world. This is the group who recently were brought into add their weight to analysis of sites in the Ad Age Power 150. Collective Intellect is ranking these sites based on how popular their topics are on a given day, amongst several other factors.

Collective Intellect

The Collective Intellect provides companies with a means of listening to and learning from social media trends. Companies are helped to understand the place of their brand and campaign in social media and work out how to drive better performance from their social media activities.

The bottom line in this all is participation. As the company says, this is the difference between “pushing your message versus participating with authenticity, integrity, & value within the influential communities important to you.”

The Collective Intellect Blog is an opportunity for the company to practice what it preaches, providing input from the team at Boulder and a chance to comment in return.

This week Dean Westervelt reflects on the millions of dollars wasted in advertising because of poor choices of media placement, particular those campaigns that have ignored social media. He admits, though, that there is no solid, industry-wide, currently accepted approach to measuring return on investment for the social media channel.

Jackie Wood reports on Collective Intellect’s tracking of the eight major sponsors of the Beijing Olympics. The two big winners, it appears, are Visa and Lenovo.

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