Coffee and Cigarettes

Heiko Waechter in Melbourne has included a few of his photographs online at The Inspiration Room, one of the early contributors in the growing Inspiration Room creative community. Here’s the pick of the bunch, Coffee and Cigarettes. Click on the image for a higher resolution.

Coffee and Cigarettes by Heiko Waechter

“I just happened to have breakfast at Jungle Juice on Centre Place when the girl in the photo sat down opposite me in the alleyway. She was there for maybe five minutes to have a quick coffee. I liked her dressing style and how she held her cigarette. The lighting was nice too, so I tried to take a few candid shots, kind of tricky as she was facing me. When I looked at the images at home i most liked the one shot in which her head was cropped off. It seemed more interesting and mysterious than actually showing her face. Coffee & cigarettes really entails Melbourne for me – the fashion, the lane ways, the coffee, the style. But I think the photo also still has enough interest for someone who has no associations with Melbourne. The red and green tones I believe work quite well together.”

See more of Heiko’s photography online at The Inspiration Room.

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