Coco Pops in Any Given Breakfast

Kellogg’s present the connection between Coco Pops, verbal eloquence and football in “Any Given Breakfast”, a commercial developed in Italy.

Coco Pops Any Given Breakfast commercial

Told by his mother that he cannot play football today, a young boy takes a break from eating his Coco Pops to launch into a soliloquy on the value of every minute. The time he has spent on his homework is precious. But so is the time he would like to spend playing football. “Questa è la vita. Questo è il calcio”, translates into English as “This is life. This is football”. The super: “Kids take fun seriously. So do we.”

Maybe the boy’s homework has been watching Al Pacino’s performance in Oliver Stone’s 1999 movie, Any Given Sunday. His speech certainly picks up some of the focus of the “three minutes” speech before the big game.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Any Given Minute was developed at Leo Burnett Milan, by creative directors Sergio Rodriguez and Enrico Dorizza, copywriter Paolo Guglielmoni, art director Alessia Casini, agency producer Ascanio Capparoni.

Filming was shot by Andrea Cecchi via Bedeschi Film, with producer Manuela Murelli, director of photography Federico Masiero and editor Luca Angeleri.

Any Given Breakfast won a Gold award at the Epica Awards 2008.

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