Coca Cola Stock up on Joy at Walmart

Walmart has teamed up with Coca Cola to present Coke as the drink of choice for large gatherings of extended familys over the festive season. The TV and cinema ad, online at, shows a twenty something man singing as he hands out bottles of Coca Cola to the many people who have turned up for his party.

John Magaro in Coke and Walmart advertisement

John Magaro, an actor known for his role in Assasination of a High School President, carries a never ending supply of 2 liter Coca Cola bottles. You’re running low on candy canes and the middle strand of lights on the tree just burned out. Someone has already scarfed down the cookies for Santa, and half of your presents are wrapped in newspaper. Sometimes you just need a reminder that when you stock up on joy, there’s always enough to go around.


Extended Family was developed by Leo Burnett and The Martin Agency, by creative directors Alex Bunch and Per Jacobsen, copywriter/songwriter Dave Muhlenfeld, art director Brian Williams, producer Cathy Weber, account director Kevin Cronin working with Walmart marketing director Steve Biddle and Coca Cola marketing team Stuart Kronauge and Brent Chism.

Filming was shot by director Randy Krallman via Smuggler. Editor was David Henegar at Butcher.

Music was produced at The Lodge.


Extended Family was written by David Muhlenfeld and performed by John Magaro. The track can be downloaded as mp3 and sheet music from

The holidays are here again
So I’m inviting all my friends
The people who are close to me
They’re my extended family
You’ve got my mom, my sis, my brother
My surprisingly cool stepmother
And the two kids that she had
Before she ever met my dad

Next you’ve got my aunts and cousins
They showed up with several dozen friends of theirs
It’s fine with me; I’ve got enough for all
Here in the hall you’ve got my office mates
My best friend and his online date
They’ve all come here to celebrate
This is my family!

My judo coach, my allergist
My MySpace friends and Twitter list
And the first girl that I ever kissed
You’re beautiful, I love you
’Cause there’s one truth I’ve found
And it’s never let me down:
When you stock up on joy, there’s enough to go ’round, singing:
Joy! Enough to go ’round, enough to go ’round
and around and around and around.