Coca Cola Olympics Unity with Yao and LeBron

Coca Cola anticipated the face off between China and the USA basketball teams at the Olympics with this TV commercial featuring stars Yao Ming and LeBron James. East meets West as each animated basketball star brings icons from their culture to a battle of wills. Pom-poms vs fans, cowboy vs dragon, grizzly bears vs panda bears, the eagle vs the carp, marching band vs opera troupe, and so on…. Finally the two players face off with their country’s version of Coca Cola. A symbolic exchange of drinks is followed by a confetti transition to live action.

Yao Ming and Dragon in Coca Cola television commercial

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The Yao vs LeBron spot was developed at Wieden+Kennedy Portland by creative directors Hal Curtis and Sheena Brday, copywriter Dylan Lee and art director Mira Kaddoura, and agency producer Kevin Diller.

Live action and animation were directed by Smith & Foulkes via Nexus with executive producer Julia Parfitt and producer Melody Sylvester.

Lebron James and cowboy in Coca Cola television commercial

Sound and music were designed by Cliff Wilson at Cliff Wilson
Eclectic, London. Audio post production was done at Digital One, Portland.

Lebron and Yao in Coca Cola TV commercial