Coca Cola in Shuang City

Coca Cola in China is gearing up for the Beijing Olympics, with a television commercial with all the show and dazzle associated with the ceremony opening.

Coca cola drinking girl and fireworks

A young woman walks onto the street to disover a spectacle of performance enhanced by the taste of Coke. Coca Cola colours of red and white are celebrated in the red carpet street march of torch carrier (Yao Ming, the main Coke asset in China) and athletes. Divers plunge from skyscrapers and archers send their arrows into the sky to release the bottles dangling from gold balloons that have emerged from the Coca Cola truck.

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Coca-Cola has been one of the main sponsors of the Games in 2008 and wanted to make an iconic statement right before the Games. “Shuang City” is the part of the “Open up the Shuang” campaign, Shuang is a Chinese word meaning emotional and physical refreshment. It’s a state of mind aiming towards positivity.

Shuang City follows on from Red Carpet, a commercial where a group of teens push a 300m tall carpet from Beijing down to Sanya to welcome the Olympic flame, making use of their Olympic experience, inviting people along the way to open up and take pro-active action in the Games

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Shuang City is the sequel, thus the carpet at the beginning of the spot. Everything is ready. The torch is on its way to the Birdnest. The games are about to start. In the Red Carpet spot consumers were invited to take action and do something for the Olympics. Now they’re being brought to the ‘Shuang’ of the Games, as the city is turned into an Olympic venue. Streets become swimming pools. Rooftops become basketball and volleyball courts.

Red Lounge art director Antonin Lelievre says that the emotional physical refreshment excitement is revealed as the girl goes through an emotional arch from being intrigued to mesmerized. The turning point is Yao Ming’s invitation for her to join in. She pulls out her red clothes, revealing a fan wardrobe and re-emphasizing her Shuang transformation.

“The ad is a kind of “Shuang manual”. You witness, you drink Coke and you get the Shuang of the Games”

Behind the scenes (in Chinese)

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The Shuang City Olympics commercial was developed at Red Lounge, Coca-Cola’s dedicated Olympics advertising unit in China, by executive creative director Beresford Mitchell, creative director Julian Hernandez, art director Antonin Lelievre, agency producers Cherry Lee and Wendi Chong.

Filming and animation were developed at Psyop, Stink and P.I.G. China, director of photography Christopher Doyle (Du Ke Fung), by producers Charlie O’Farrell, Fergus Brown, line producers Jeremy He and Joseph Yeung, production designer Tim Yip, VFX Producer Kymberley Limm, executive producers Daniel Bergman and Nick Dodet.

Offline Editor was Bill Smedley at Spotwelders. Music and sound were designed at MassiveMusic.

Coca cola truck in China