Citysearch addresses Fear of Missing Out, an online entertainment guide for Australians, worked with DDB Melbourne and the Kamen Brothers to confront the paralysis associated with Fear of Missing Out. FOMO usually hits on Friday nights after work, when 25-34 year olds get home and realise they don’t have a clue where to connect up for a night on the town.

Dr Dale Chandapaul in Fear of Missing Out commercial for

Dr Dale Chandapaul, foremost authority on FOMO, reveals his groundbreaking cure for Fear of Missing Out: a regular dose of Citysearch!

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The Citysearch Fear of Missing Out campaign was developed at DDB Melbourne by executive creative director Grant Rutherford, creative director Jim McKeown, art director James Barkley, agency producer Carol Sinclair, account management Oliver Lynch, Suzy Lewis and Rebecca Robertson; planner Gavin MacMillian, digital creative team Brenton Lau and Fred Haas.

Filming for Paralysis was shot by director Matt Kamen via The Guild of Commercial Filmmakers, Melbourne, with director of photography Katie Milwright, producer Chris Kamen. Music is by Michael Rigoni.

About Dr Dale

Dr. Dale Chandapaul was born in 1956 in Sri Lanka. He grew up on a rubber plantation on the outskirts of Colombo with his mother Khrisantha, father Sunil, and older sister, Wendy.

Dale had a happy childhood on the plantation, and loved the outdoor life. His favourite activities were cobra milking and singing. Most mornings he could be heard crooning 1950’s show tunes as he scoured the long grass for cobras. Their toxic venom was in great demand by the local hospital for use in antivenins. It was at the local hospital that Dale met Doctor Rezvi Mahindra – the man who would become the greatest influence on his life.

Dr Mahindra persuaded Dale to study medicine in Melbourne, Australia. On his parent’s modest income Dale was forced to pay his way through medical school by singing in the food courts of shopping centres. On one particularly busy Christmas shopping period his talents were noticed by the managers of two different live-music venues.

After years of slugging away on the shopping centre circuit Dale was offered two gigs at the same time. Instead of jumping for joy he was literally paralysed by indecision. Which gig would be best? What if he chose one gig and he discovered the other one was better?

This was the incident that inspired and informed Dale Chanderpaul’s PhD thesis into this debilitating condition. After years of research he named the condition FOMO, an acronym for fear of missing out. He discovered the most common sufferers were people trying to organise their social calendars. Just like Dale and the two gigs, these people are terrified that by committing to one thing, they may miss out on something better.

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