W+K Christmas Card Making Machine

Wieden+Kennedy London has produced a “Christmas Card Making Machine” this year, displayed in the agency’s front Hanbury Street window. The card has two large screens showing a scrolling chain of twelve characters. As pedestrians stand in the footprints outside the window their faces are photographed and embedded in the card. The resulting images can be made into Christmas cards at today’s site of the day, www.christmascardmakingmachine.com

W+K London Christmas Card characters

The Christmas Card Making Machine site features an online video (black and white), and the photographs of those who posed in front of the W+K window, trackable by date and time. There’s no way you can join up, however, without turning up to the W+K London office in person.

W+K London Christmas Card Machine man

W+K London Christmas Card Machine crowd


The Christmas Card Making Machine was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, London, by executive creative director Kim Papworth, creatives David Bruno and Tom Seymour, copywriter Sophie Lewis, interactive designer Joel Gethin Lewis, illustrator Johnny Lighthands, and web designer Eze Blaine.