Chris Palmer in his last shoot

Chris Palmer, from Gorgeous, London, appears in his own last shoot for the Saatchi & Saatchi Young Director’s Showcase promotion. A warning before you watch however. This spot does contain a black beanie, cross dressing, oranges and lemons, golf and a bit of violence. In fact it looks as though it was a bit dark for the YouTube censorship board.

Chris Palmer and new director

Chris Palmer is directing aristocrats in an warehouse, mostly concerned about the colour of the oranges on set. He doesn’t notice the young upstart who’s lurking on the margins with a lethal weapon.


The Last Shoot was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, London, by executive creative director Paul Silburn, creative director Pablo Videla, art director Howard Green, copywriter Nicola Ridley and agency producer Joe Bagnall.

Filming was shot, or shooting was filmed, by Chris Palmer via Gorgeous, with director of photography Ben Seresin.

If you want to replace people like Chris Palmer send in your DVD. You’re eligible if you directed your first commercial no earlier than May 2006. Email expressions of interest close on April 17. See more on the Showcase at