Childwise Speak Up on Abuse

Childwise in Australia is running an advertising campaign designed to empower people to speak up for children and put an end to sexual abuse. Often children do not speak up about their persecution in fear of public ridicule, rejection by their loved ones or physical retribution from their abusers. The majority of children remain silent victims.

Childwise Girl with Doll

Childwise Ballerina Girls

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology 2004 report, one in four girls (children) and one in seven boys are sexually abused in Australia. A sample of 720 adults aged over 18 interviewed in 2005 (Australian Childhood Foundation Report 2006) showed that child abuse is perceived as less concerning than the rising cost of petrol, problems with public transport and roads. 31% of respondents stated they would not believe children’s stories about being abused. This means that most children have to tell 3 different adults before they are believed. The Savi Report in 2004 indicated that only 3 percent of children will ever tell of their abuse.

Childwise Soccer Boys


The Speak Up campaign was developed at Venus Advertising in conjunction with Agent99 Public Relations by creative team Bec Brideson, Claire Skinner, Donna Carson with account manager Louisa Boelcky.