Centraal Beheer Adam and Eve

Centraal Beheer Achmea has another Appeldorn insurance moment in Adam and Eve. Eve wanders through the Garden of Eden, mesmerized by the beauty around her. When she meets Adam for the first time he looks stunning, at first. Rumour has it that the ad is not being broadcast due to sensitivities in the gay and religious communities.

Eve in Centraal Beheer TV commercial

Eve wanders through a grassy meadow and tropical garden, attracted by the sounds of a man. But when she finds her male counterpart not all is as she expected. The “Just call us” tagline used in Central Beheer ads suggests that there will be support in the moments when things just don’t go right.

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The Central Beheer Adam and Eve ad was developed at DDB Amsterdam.

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  • Enzo

    Who’s the actress, she’s awesome!!!!!

  • Kit

    Who’s the actor – he’s hard to miss too! Ahh! Take me now!

  • victoria

    i saw this ad twice because I couldn’t find the link btw the message and the story. The story is interesting, as it approaches the core of the problem of the human specie dealing with homosexuality (its all about the survival of the specie through reproduction, or is there a side to existance?), and oh-so-rich question that the creatives responsible of this ad sadly killed with a lame line of text, so forced that made me google what was that “call us” about. Call you?…How exactly do you propose to “straight up” this “situation”? Risky.