Cathy Freeman runs for Earth Hour

Gold medallist Cathy Freeman appears in the latest TV ad for environmental event Earth Hour, running around the streets of Sydney switching off lights. The advertisement raises awareness of the impending repeat of the Earth Hour event, to be held 8 – 9 pm in Sydney on March 29.

Cathy Freeman in Earth Hour ad

Freeman runs through the Sydney central business district over 60 minutes, turning off 6399 lights in residential houses, flats, pubs, restaurants, hotels, offices, and landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, AMP Tower, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Click on the image below to play the video.

Earth Hour, launched in Sydney in 2007 by WWF in collaboration with Leo Burnett, calls on businesses and homes to turn their lights off for an hour. In 2008 the movement has gone global with 22 official Earth Hour cities, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Bangkok, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Dublin.

Cathy Freeman in Earth Hour ad


The Earth Hour campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by executive creative director Mark Collis, art director Nils Eberhardt, copywriter Stephen Coll, and agency producer Helen Hendry.

Filming was shot by director Ben Lawrence via Caravan Pictures, with director of photography Garry Phillips and editor Phillip Horn.

Music is One Crowded Hour by Australian band Augie March.

Download One Crowded Hour at iTunes Store from the Augie March album Moo, You Bloody Choir

One Crowded Hour Lyrics

Now should you expect to see something that you hadn’t seen
In somebody you’d known since you were sixteen;
if love is a bolt from the blue…

…But for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
And I sailed around all those bumps in the night to your beacon in the gloom
I thought I had found my golden September in the middle of that purple June
But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin

And I know you like your boys to take their medicine
From the bowl with a silver spoon
Who run away with the dish…

…Is a pleasure pen, meant for them, builded and rent for them
Not for the likes of me
Not for the like of you and me…