Carlton MID Men A Little Bit Longer

Carlton MID, the beer for men who want to stay a bit longer, has been given a refreshing treatment with a couple of television commercials recently released in Australia. “The Man Who Could Speak Woman” and “The Woman Whisperer” demonstrate the specialist skills of men who have the capacity to emotionally connect with women and convince them that their male partners need more time with their drinking mates. “Because when it comes to getting away with the boys, you’re gonna need some help”.

Man speaks Woman in Carlton MID ad

The Man Who Could Speak Woman

Looking for a break from home duties to spend time with the boys? And you need your wife to understand that? You need someone who speaks Woman to tell her you need time out with some special friends to invigorate your soul. Take note – speaking Woman is as much about body language as about vocabulary.

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Woman Whisperer

Are you going to cause a scene when your wife says it’s time to head off home from the pub? Or are you going to hope the Woman Whisperer turns up?

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The Woman Whisperer posters

The Carlton mid strength beer has been marketed over the years with a range of television ads in which men retreat from the responsibilities of everyday life to their sheds to join with their drinking friends. It’s the beer for intelligent men, who can drink alcohol and yet retain the intelligence to design Bloke Bots. And now we have a new breed of beer drinking heroes with extraordinary powers – the man who can speak Woman on behalf of his mates, and the Woman Whisperer.

Woman Whisperer in Carlton MID ad


The Man Who Could Speak Woman posterThe Carlton Mid campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne by executive creative director James McGrath, creative director Ant Keogh, art director Anthony Philips and copywriter Richard Williams, agency producer Sevda Cemo, strategy planner Michael Derepas, account management group account director Paul McMillan, account director Phil Baker, account manager Sam Mackisack.

Filming was shot by director Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films, Melbourne, with director of photography Keith Wagstaff, executive producer Jonathan Samway and producer Kate Sawyer.

Editor was Adam Wills. Post production was done at Frame Set & Match.

Music was supervised by Karl Richter at Level Two Music.

Print versions were produced by photographer Sean Izzard, typographer/retoucher Glenn Pyke and print producer Mary Darzi.