Carlton Draught Sky Troop

Carlton Draught beer is returning to the Australian advertising scene with Sky Troop, a new installment in the Made from Beer campaign. The TV and cinema ad follows Horses, Canoe, Big Ad, and Flashbeer with an effects-filled spot featuring 300 blokes in bright yellow jumpsuits.

Carlton Draught Skydivers

The Sky Troop ad is being launched this week in Australian cinemas before being made available in Vividas format to viewers over the age of 18 at, through online advertising on internet search engines, social networking sites and Carlton Draught’s site, 3 Mobile users will asked if they would like to be sent the Sky Troop ad. The ad will appear on TV screens in May.

The $9 million advertisement opens in the half time break at a sports stadium with the Sky Troop jumping out of a 50-foot schooner (beer glass) of Carlton Draught. Together they form the Carlton Draught logo and spell out the word “Wow”. While the skydivers land without problems the pilot of the schooner loses control, destroying two Jaguars in a car yard, endangering the life of a TV aerial repairman and demolishing the house of a non believer.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Peter Sinclair, general manager of beer at Foster’s, says media fragmentation meant Foster’s couldn’t just roll this out with a traditional big ad on a big screen. The campaign will test the proposition that ‘content is king’ with four million people seeing it before it launches on TV. The target market is 18 to 39-year-old blokes, which research shows are active online users.

“It will cost us up to fifty percent less than if we had got those four million through just traditionally putting it on TV. So, the model is almost saying you invest in the content and part of the return is upfront because you don’t have to invest as much in actually showing them. This is because if it is that good, through the experience you have in cinema and through what happens in digital, you will pass it on, you’ll be happy to send it to your mates,” says Sinclair.

Sky Troop

Sinclair said: “There will be inevitable comparisons with the Big Ad, because of the scale of it, but in reality is this is unique enough in terms of the idea and unique enough in terms of content and crazy enough in terms of the way it will plays out, but I think it will find its own unique place in consumer’s hearts. But, we are quietly confident that this is also a wonderful piece of world-class creative.”

He adds that in the past seven years Carlton Draught had defied all the market trends and grown three-fold, a success story driven by the brand positioning of ‘a good honest beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously’, and the ‘Made from Beer’ campaign.

“Each time we have brought quality content and world class advertising to the table Australian consumers have reacted positively and voted with their wallets and their hearts and brought into the brand and that has primarily driven the success,” he says.

Carlton Draught Skydivers form Wow!


Sky Troop was developed at via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by creative director James McGrath, creative director/copywriter Ant Keogh, creative director/art director Grant Rutherford, account directors Paul McMillan, Phil Baker, Helen Fitzsimmons, strategy planner Paul Reese-Jones and agency producer Julie Rutherford, working with Fosters marketing director Cameron McFarlane.

Filming was directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films, Sydney, with producer Peter Masterton and director of photography Danny Ruhlmann. Editor was Peter Whitmore at The Editors.

Visual effects were developed at Animal Logic, Sydney, by Flame artist Angus Wilson. Animal Logic manipulated the shots of 30 sky divers to make them look like a team of 300 men. The smashing of the Jaguars was real. The houses were models built to scale.

Sound was designed at Park Road Studios by Nigel Scott and Michael Hedges. Music is “Ode to Joy”, (An die Freude) as arranged in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Photography was by Chris Budgeon.