Canon Photography Football is a Journey

Canon is highlighting the capacities of the Rebel XSi digital SLR camera in an NFL-related TV commercial. The camera is used in a range of settings, from a backyard game of football, a game on the beach, a girls team training session, a league game, on the street, and finally the big game itself.

NFL players in Canon Journey ad

The Rebel XSi commercial uses a unique technology that blends individual digital still photographs into a “picture-trail” motion commercial. Life is a journey…


The Journey ad was developed at Grey, New York by executive creative director Tor Myhren, creative director/art director Stephen Krauss, creative director/copywriter Ari Halper, associate creative director/art director Doug Fallon, music producer Jared Schlemovitz, agency producer James McPherson.

“The idea is simply about the power of great photography,” said Grey New York’s chief creative officer Tor Myhren. “In this spot, the journey is the destination. Edited together, the shots made for a compelling story. But each single Canon photograph is also a piece of art in itself. You can freeze this ad at any given moment and find a photo that you’d probably like to blow up, frame and put on your wall.”

NFL players in Canon Journey ad

Filming of 300 football players was shot by director Andrew Douglas via Anonymous Content with director of photography Flor Collins, executive producer Andy Traines, producer Aris McGarry, production supervisor Maggie Lopez, and executive producer/head of commercials Dave Morrison.

Editing of over 70,000 stills taken by 10 photographers was done at Mad River Post by editor Michael Elliot with producer Laura Relovsky.

NFL players in Canon Journey ad

VFX were developed at Asylum FX by VFX supervisor Paul O’Shea, on-set VFX supervisor Marc Varisco, VFX executive producer Michael Pardee.

Telecine was produced at Company 3 by colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Music and sound were designed at Sacred Noise by composer Michael Montes and Grey NY music producer Jared Schlemovitz.