Cancer Hiding in Brazil

Hospital Cancer de Barretos in Brazil reminds us that cancer is not easy to find. The word ‘cancer’ is hidden among the words “Breast”, “Throat”, “Prostate” and “Skin”. The hospital’s goal is financial partnership with the Brazilian public.

“Detecting cancer is hard. Without our help it is really hard. Without your help it is impossible.”

Cancer hides in Breast

“It is difficult to find cancer in the beginning. Then it’s difficult to cure cancer. Hopefully your help won’t be as difficult.”

Cancer hides in Throat

“Cancer hides. To find it we need equipment. Please, don’t hide as well.”

Cancer hides in Prostate

“Cancer starts small. Without help from doctors it grows. Without your help it kills.”

Cancer hides in skin


The Cancer Hides campaign was developed at MatosGrey, São Paulo, by creative directors Silvio Matos and Leandro Castilho, art director Guto Kono, copywriter Fabio Leão.