Burger King Polygameat Man

Burger King in the UK is drumming up business for the Meat Beast Whopper with Polygameat, a television advertising campaign playing with the concept of multiple partners.

Polygameat Burger King eater with protesters

The TV advert shows a group of women who are outraged by the thought of men eating multiple meats in one burger (beef, bacon and pepperoni). A young man braves the local crowd, enduring taunts of “Slay the Meat Beast”. “I’m a man, and I cannot be tied to just one meat!”, he yells.

The commercial ends with a television news reporter asking “Polygameat, should it be illegal or should it be lunch? You decide.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Polygameat campaign was developed at Crispin Porter + Bogusky by creaives Dave Swartz, Andy Ure and James Dawson-Hollis and agency producer Cindi Blondell.

Filming was shot by Colin Gregg via Therapy Films, London, with director of photography Theo Garland and producer Barry Hughes.

See the ad online at Burger King UK.