Bud Light Time To Cut The Cheese

Bud Light is promoted in an online ad playing with euphemisms for flatulence. Set in a delicatessen two cheese makers talk about the cutting the cheese – timing, gender, pulling finger… The ad was placed on the Bud Light site as an ‘Easter Egg’ after the Super Bowl 2008.

Dave Cutting The Cheese in Bud Light TV ad

Hey Dave the day’s over. Time for a Bud Light.
I can’t. I have to cut the cheese.
I thought you cut the cheese already.
Wasn’t me.
I heard you cut the cheese this morning!
I have to cut the cheese in spurts throughout the day.
You should cut the cheese first thing in the morning like me. Otherwise it starts backing up…
I couldn’t cause my girlfriend was here this morning and you know how that goes.
I cut the cheese in front of my girl once and never heard the end of it.
You ever seen a woman cut the cheese?
No they don’t do it right. They’re too delicate.
My grandmother cut the cheese all the time, especially as she got older
Third Guy: Hey guys I’m going to be in the back. I’m gonna pinch a loaf.
Want me to pull your finger?
Will your pulling my finger help me cut the cheese?
If I pull your finger you’ll be cutting the cheese within seconds.
(finger pulling, closely followed by cheese cutting with ease)
Oh yeah!
(Bud Light logo)
I have to run – gotta drop the kids off at the pool.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Cut The Cheese was developed at DDB Chicago by group creative director Mark Gross, creative directors/copywriters Chuck Rachford and Chris Roe and producer Will St. Clair.

Filming was directed by Erich Joiner at Tool of North America with editor Carlos Lowenstein at Whitehouse Post.