Bud Light Limey the Showoff

Anheuser Busch has launched Bud Light Lime with Limey, the little lime who can do impossible tricks with a beer coaster, skateboard and break dancing routine. It’s amazing what a little lime can do!

Bud Light Limey

In “Coasters,” the life-of-the-party lime juices up a house bash, courtesy of some card-throwing magic. From whirling boomerang action to a round of coaster darts to hamburger adornment, Limey wows the crowd with a flick of his wrist. The dynamic spot ends with a grand finale: a Bud Light Lime contraption built with beer boxes, bottles and party gear, which Limey launches with an incredible coaster toss.

Coaster Tricks

Click on the image below to play the video.

It’s amazing what a little lime can do!

Behind the Lime

ESPN gives us the background on Limey in interviews with Chris Roe, Limey’s friend, Todd Schisler, Limey’s brother, Lindsey Stuart, Limey’s girlfriend, and his parents, the Schislers.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Limey campaign was developed at DDB Chicago by managing creative director Paul Tilley, group creative directors Chuck Rachford and Chris Roe, creative director Mark Gross, copywriter Yvonne Chia, art director Jamie Overcamp, agency producers Will St. Clair, executive director of production Diane Jackson.

Filming was shot by director Johannes Gamble via Superstudio with producers Dana Garman and Nathan de la Ronda.

Superstudio worked with Mark Rappaport, Lead Designer of Creature Effects, to design a durable Limey costume based on Gamble’s yoga-ball prototype. The final piece was created from rubbery lightweight foam that was adjustable for the different talent. World-renowned skateboarder Eric Koston was cast as Limey in “Coasters” and “Skateboard” while dancer Ivan Velez played the part in “Breakdance.”