Brother Printers PC LOAD LETTER

Brother in Australia has connected with office humour in a TV ad titled PC Load Letter. An office worker finds a colleague standing on a chair madly muttering the phrase, “PC LOAD LETTER”, over and over again. The guy asks his colleague if he can get his report printed and wants to know “What is PC LOAD LETTER”. He doesn’t understand what PC Load Letter is. The super (text): “Your office nightmare won’t come from the printer. Brother”.

Brother PC Load Letter

PC LOAD LETTER is an error message found on earlier HP LaserJet printers, enigmatically instructing users to load the paper cartridge with US letter size paper. The instruction from the printers confused many office workers as PC usually stands for Personal Computer or any non-Apple computer. Australians use A4 paper rather than US Letter paper. The term was popularised in the movie, Office Space. See more at Wikipedia.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Brother PC LOAD LETTER was developed at DDB, Sydney, by national creative director/vice chairman Matt Eastwood, creative director Steve Back, copywriter Tim Cairns, art director Tim Green and agency producer Honae MacNeill.

Filming was shot by director Christopher Riggert at, Sydney, with executive producer Rob Galluzzo, director of photography Jac Fitzgerald. Editing was done at The Tait Gallery, Sydney.