Brisbane Offers Flexible Hours for Full Story

Brisbane City Council is offering its employees a form of glide time in which employees can work earlier or later than the usual 9 to 5 framework. It’s a great move for employees not wanting to use all their leisure time commuting into and out of the Central Business District.

Brisbane City Council‘s flexible employment options will give you time to enjoy the full story. Move your career to Council by visiting

Whale story in Brisbane City Council ad

Man who almost gets killed by whale gets killed by whale. Moby Dick.

Short guy story in Brisbane City Council ad

Short Guy walks, and walks, and walks, and saves the world. Lord of the Rings?

Boy meets girl story in Brisbane City Council ad

Boy meets Girl. Girl pretends to die. Boy dies. Girl dies.


The Flexible Hours campaign was developed at Make, Brisbane, Australia, by creative director Rem Bruijn, art director/copywriter Jesse Richardson, art director Trent Penfold, account director Natasha Lanham and illustrators Steve Bowman and Scott Breton.

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