Brian Paddick on London crime rate

Brian Paddick, the former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police in London, is challenging Ken Livingstone’s tenure as mayor of London in a campaign focused on cutting crime. The Liberal Democrat candidate draws attention to Livingstone’s promise, four years ago, to cut crime rates. Paddick refers to recent statistics to point out that nothing has changed.

Brian Paddick

“This isn’t a happy anniversary for Ken. Not only has he failed to cut crime by 50% whatever statistics you look at, but one of the issues of most concern to Londoners, knife crime, is worse now than it was four years ago.”

Paddick is undertaking to cut crime by 20% during first term or stand down, and chair the Metropolitan Police Authority to hold the Metropolitan Police Service to account for its performance in reducing crime.

Paddick has a site,, and a Facebook profile, Brian Paddick at Facebook, but has no YouTube channel to compete with KKen Livingstone.

The next London Mayoralty election will be held on May 1, 2008.

See more on Brian’s online campaign at Liberal Democrat Voice.

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