BREAST FEST Film Festival Online

On November 21st and 22nd, 2008, Rethink Breast Cancer will be launching BREAST FEST, the world’s first breast cancer film festival, at the Royal Ontario Museum Theatre in Toronto. The film festival is open online at today’s site of the day,

Breastfest Site screenshot

BREAST FEST is the world’s first film festival dedicated to breast cancer awareness. This annual festival includes short films, documentaries, animation, dramatic features and experimental works which span the emotional spectrum. Through the use of film and new media, BREAST FEST is dedicated to showcasing the many issues surrounding breast cancer in significant and interesting ways, and connecting people to the breast cancer cause.

Both filmmakers and those touched by breast cancer – directly or indirectly – were invited to submit short films (maximum 10 minutes) that shed light on the issues surrounding breast cancer and breast health in unique and creative ways. Below are the top short films that have been selected by the judges. The film with the most online votes will receive the Amazing Grace award for best short film, in honour of Grace Cianciotta, and the winner will be flown to Toronto to present his/her film at the festival. Here’s a list of the finalists…

In Situ

A woman’s experience as she undergoes chemotherapy — her initial reactions to her diagnosis and the continuing physical effects the toxic chemical has on her body. (Adam Burgess)

Keep On Moving

A film about professional dancer Debby Feldman, her 9 year battle with breast cancer and how dance, and the love and support of her family help her face a fatal diagnosis.

My Mom Has Breast Cancer

Four year old Maxwell shares his perspective on his mother’s ongoing battle with stage 4 breast cancer. (Gordon Belray)


A woman tells her boyfriend that she has breast cancer. She proves that it is not only the victim who needs compassion, but also those close to them. (Jason Blevins)

Dead Girl Walking

Marcy was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34, the same year she lost her mother to Ovarian cancer. This is her story from the brink of despair to being truly alive. (Ray Schmitt)

The Things I Wish My Mother Would Have Told Me

This film is dedicated to raising awareness for little girls and young women who face the fear of breast cancer. (James Thomas & Mia Perovetz)

Breast Defence

Experimental PSA on early detection. (Wreck & $alvage)

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl chronicles cancer surgery from a female patient’s perspective. Frightened and anxious, the woman’s mind wanders as she imagines the battle between her dirty, cancerous tumors and the surgeon. (Jennifer Clary)