Breakfast Skippers sponsored by Curios

Curios is a new breakfast product being developed by Sanitarium to “liberate busy breakfast skippers from their boring routines.” The product is being promoted through a viral campaign featuring the new sport of Pro Skipping. Sanitarium’s marketers are looking for 1000 of the most influential young people, 18 years and older, from all over Australia to get involved in the Curios Project at

Tommy Fox Pro Skipper

Tommy Fox was in born in 1984 in Bellevue Hill but swears he was conceived in Redfern and spends most of his time there. Tommy’s dad was in the military so he moved around a lot. Tommy started skating at early age and by the time he was 13 he had several major sponsors and regularly graced the pages and covers of international skating mags. It was on an Expression Session Freeskate tour of Japan that Tommy’s world changed forever. A chance meeting with mystic guru skipper Motoztugo Fujujeema changed everything. The old master took Tommy on as a student and taught him the ‘The Way of the Skip’. As the first Westerner to be educated in ‘The Way of Skip’ this was a great honour. The experience had a deep and permanent effect on Tommy. From that moment on Tommy was no longer a skater. Tommy Fox the skipper was born. He had a new mission in life, to spread the word of the skip.

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The Pro Skipper campaign was developed at The Brand Shop, Sydney, by executive creative director/copywriter Monty Noble, art directors Richard McAuliffe, Andrew Jones, Stephen Ianello, copywriters Roger Heath, Jeremy Southern, and agency producer Elissa Maine.

Filming was directed by Justin Kurzel via Cherub Pictures, with director of photography and editor Ben Briand, and producer Pip Smart.