Break the Cycle of Pain

Douleurs Sans Frontières (Pain Without Borders), a medical organisation based in France, is focused on fighting pain suffered by patients from underprivileged populations. At present the organisation’s fund raising campaign is being assisted by a print advertising campaign which shows the never ending cycle of pain being experienced in countries affected by natural and human disasters.

Pain without borders in Africa

In Africa we’re shown people affected by uncontrollable fire (HIV?). In Cambodia we see the ongoing legacy of the days of the Killing Fields: live mines that lead to loss of limbs and lives. In Indonesia (or Thailand) we see the impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004. Each scene is portrayed as powered by a treadmill that never stops.

Pain without borders in Killing Fields

Pain without borders in tsunami


The Cycle of Pain campaign was developed at TBWA/MAP Paris, by creative directors Sebastien Vacherot and Manoelle van der Vaeren, art director Stephane Lecoq, copywriter Alban Penicaut. Photography was provided by Platinum. Vanessa Barbel was responsible for art buying.