Bracket Boys Call For Australian Content

Chris Simon, the social media artist behind “Bracket Boys”, is on the lookout for high quality visual material to feature in a fast cut clip featuring Australian web, Flash and mobile designers. Chris is looking for Australian content to become part of a celebration of the blogging, tagging, twittering and FLASH animated culture. As the global economy crumbles, everyone still needs a link to web2.0 activity. Chris believes everything from economics and politics can be put on the right track with the right tag to digital design and entertainment.

Bracket Boys Chris Simon YouTube background

It’s a kind of twittfluence and with the right content, this kind of clip would be absolutely feelgood and steer everyone positive in the direction of seeking out new creative ideas. The more content the better, particularly FLASH animations. The purpose-created soundtrack is ready to roll and it will be a great content showcase for Australia and each snippet used will follow with credit to the company or person that provided it.I’m looking for as many as possible .wmv or .mov samples of work, from the most functional – like a pull down menu, roll over routine, website splash or button – through to the most animated – like characters, rich graphics and rich functionality. It would, literally, be like a fast-cut music clip featuring a digital digest of current 2.0 type work and it can literally be advertisements, events, art, education, blogs or anything. The more variety the better.

Anyone contributing will have their name on the clip and, as is the nature of open networking and common copyright, anyone can embed the clip anywhere. Contact Chris at chris.csimon at

Who is Chris Simon?

Chris Simon comes from a background as Digital Creative Director with WWAV Rapp Collins in the UK, where he ran campaigns for Lloyds TSB, Toyota, Legal & General, NSPCC, Oxfam, Diageo and Orange. In Australia, he has been responsible for major BigPond experiential launches for download on demand and retail products. Chris put forward major concepts for Telstra’s fixed line, mobile, online and TV sponsorship of the FINA World Swimming Championships.

Some of his best video clips have been entirely made as MMS Mobile Messages, where during Sydney Film Festival week, thousands of views and mobile phone downloads got awarded People’s Choice last year with the 2 Megapixel Feature, Snow. More recently, Chris has teamed up with a range of important music collaborators, including dance artist TAMPS, who works with The Presets and ex Peter Gabriel touring artist, John Ellis. Subject categories this year have covered Beijing’s Olympics through to the Hadron Collider.

Bracket Boys Background

Bracket Boys is a social media channel that creates video and mobile content, typically through MySpace music artists, blogs and other media-sharing websites. It reaches web and mobile audiences through its main YouTube channel and mixed interests in music, advertising, politics, humour and even some horror.

The channel evolved from the original Australia WotNext site where, during Sydney Film Festival week, it garnered thousands of views and downloads to mobile phones. The Wotnext site was voted people’s choice for the first ever 2 Megapixel short film, called ‘Snow’ completely shot and produced on a mobile phone. The only 2 Megapixel Film Festival Award in history!

Bracket Boys material ranges from vlog, MMS and IM type clips like Snow and BARBADOS VLOG 2008, through to clips where other contributors send MP3’s of their music or MMS images to be included, through to high end clips like the latest LEVITATION.

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