Boston Tap Project reveals real monsters

The UNICEF Tap Project, in which restaurants raise money for clean water to be made available globally, is being promoted in the Boston region with a haunting television and print advertising campaign, “Monsters”. A teddy bear lies submerged in brackish water, face up. “There are places where children don’t fear imaginary monsters lurking in shadows or under their beds. For they fear real ones, living in the water. And while these creatures are too small to be seen they leave behind a footprint of death and disease.”

Tap Project Monster print ad

All copies of the video have been removed from YouTube.

Bear in water in TAP ad


The Monsters campaign was developed pro bono at Boston advertising agency Hill Holliday, by creatives Jeff Baxter and Mike Shaughnessy.

The Tap Project campaign began in New York, with a project run by Droga 5, raising awareness of the fact that 5000 children die every day because of unsafe drinking water. New York restaurants asked diners to contribute a dollar each for their drinking water. The campaign is now being run throughout the United States, with agencies including Goodby Silverstein, Wieden + Kennedy and Hill Holliday collaborating for the cause.

The TAP Project in Boston is being promoted during World Water Week, March 16 through March 22.

Via Hill Holliday