Bonds Youth Mash Up in Australian underwear

Bonds Youth, an Australian underwear collection in many colours, patterns and styles, is demonstrated in a musical and dance “mash”, to the sounds of the Blondie track, Heart of Glass. The ad is a followup to the earlier Kaleidoscope campaign. Members of the Australian public are now invited to send in their own dance moves in a competition closing April 7, online at

Bonds Youth Mash dancers

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Bonds Youth Mash campaign was developed at The Campaign Palace, Sydney, by creative Directors Georgia Arnott and Jon Burden, creative Kirsty Gavin, account manager Pam Lloyd.

Filming was shot by Alex Smith via Boomerang Productions with producer Celina Janjic and editor Jo Scott. Choreographer with the girls was Leah Howard.

Music was produced by Andrew Lancaster, Sonar Music.

The Online aspects of the campaign were developed by team leader Sasha Firth, digital creative director Nitin Mistry, head of digital production Nathan Anderson, with digital producer Meredyth Judd, and Engine producer Celia Nicholas.

  • Renee you may want to check out the print section – with ads such as Something Juicy for the Ladies, and the Naked Rugby League Calendar.

  • Love your website. Big fan of aussie ads and advertising in general.

    You seem to have a bias though for ads that feature a lot of female skin lol. Not saying all the ads you post up are sexploitation, but when there is flesh to be seen on Duncan’s website, it is always female flesh.

    Sex symbols go both ways. And you can’t say that the ads like the youth mash up by bonds is more “clever”then say some of holeproofs recent rio ads with Fifi and her big hunk of spunk advertising the 7 packs.

    LOL. Not accusing you of sexism but…women as always are a huge consumer force, as are gay men. And metrosexuality is in full swing in Australia and shows no sign of being in decline. Would be fascinating if you didn’t shy away from ads featuring almost naked blokes. This is afterall a blog about ads. Not a blog about ones own sexual preference. So don’t feel embarassed to look at such ads objectively 🙂 LOL

  • Tara

    I have looked everywhere and I can’t find the song on the bonds mash ad. what is it called?

  • Heart of Glass, originally by Blondie.

  • costa

    what is the actors name that does the last moon walk on the mash up advert?..or her agent