Bonds Wear Australia

Bonds in Australia is celebrating Australia Day 2008 with an advertising campaign featuring the 70 year old brand, Bond’s Chesty singlet. Photographs of Australians from many walks of life, taken by photographers Neil Massey and Lisa Lovick, have been used in posters encouraging Australians to buy the singlet and add their support for surf lifesaving skills in primary schools.

Joey kangaroo in Bonds Wear Australia advertisement

‘Chesty Bond’ started life as a cotton athletic Singlet in the early 1920’s. The Chesty was worn by Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm for their first historic flight across the Pacific. The Chesty in its early days was marketed through ‘Chesty Bond’, a comic strip superhero featuring regularly in the weekend newspaper.

Woman in Bonds Wear Australia advertisement

‘Chesty Bond’ is today recognised by Aussies from all walks of life – from Timbucktoo to Tamarama, with sizes and styles ranging from newborn babies to Ute mustering country boys. Rock stars sweat it out on stage in them, young designers customise them and fashionistas style theirs back with high street fashion.

Woman wears Bonds Chesty singlet in Bonds Wear Australia advertisement

This campaign has been launched via outdoor, radio (read by Bud Tingwell), point of sale and on-line at

Boy in fatigues wears Bonds Chesty singlet in Bonds Wear Australia advertisement

A series of exhibitions showing all of the photographs is on tour. The first exhibition was held on Wednesday night at the Glenmore Hotel in Sydney.

Man wears Bonds Chesty singlet in Bonds Wear Australia advertisement


The Chestys campaign was developed at The Campaign Palace, Sydney, by creative director Georgia Arnott, creative Jon Burden, designer Thom Davy, photographer Neil Massey and Lisa Lovick, digital creative director Nitten Mistry, account manager Pam Lloyd, and team leader Sasha Firth.

“We wanted to move things away from posed models in studios and out into everyday Australia,” says Jon Burden. “It was important that this campaign is as authentic to Australia as the Chesty itself,” said Georgia Arnott.

  • debra bullio

    jes wondering if i could get a copy of the photo of me. i’m the one in the black singlet thanks

    • debra, just found this email reply from you?? Please get in touch wioth me. Thanks, Neil Massey (photographer)

  • Al

    Where can I buy the old 55 Bonds T-shirt (made in Australia please regardless if it costs more, support our workers, jerb jerbs jerbs) in Australia or more closer to meeeee in SE Qld Gold Coast, seeing I’m 55 going on 56 this year?