BMW Hydrogen Car Turns Into Water

BMW is using a visual effects laden television commercial to promote the Hydrogen Car, a vehicle which produces water emissions rather than carbon monoxide. “Instead of carbon dioxide, it produces water. The car that will leave its mark without leaving a mark. The BMW Hydrogen 7 ready for the world when the world is ready”.

BMW Water effect from Hydrogen Car TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.


The BMW Hydrogen ad was developed at GSD&M, Austin, Texas, by group creative directors Mark Cray and David Crawford, creative directors Jay Russell and Wade Alger, art director Bill Marceau, and agency producer Paul Golubovich.

Filming was directed by Andrew Van Der Westhuyzen via Collider with executive producer Sam Zalaiskalns and post production producer Pat Dedal. Editor Stewart Reeves at Guillotine, Sydney.

Special effects were developed at Fuel VFX, Sydney, by VFX supervisor Simon Maddison, VFX producer Dave Kelly, fluid simulation technical directors Mike Bain and Sam Cole, Flame artists Flamo Dejanovic and Karen Fabling. FUEL has been nominated for the VES award for ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial’ for BMW ‘Hydrogen’.

Simon Maddison said, “Although the work is technically challenging, we remained focused that the final result should belie this and appear simple and elegant. The director wanted a stylised treatment to the CG water. The concept was not about the physics of liquids, but about using the beauty of liquid motion to describe the technology in a creative and artistic way.”

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