Bluebird Penguins in Action

Goodman Fielder in New Zealand used animated penguins to promote Bluebird CC’s corn chips, Flats and Twisties.

Bluebird Penguins on Border Crossing commercial

In “Border Crossing Penguins” a patrol guard says there’s something weird about those penguins. Not the least the fact they’re concealing their Bluebird CC’s corn chips.

In “Dominoes” penguins provide a dominoes effect in the Antarctic, promoting Bluebird Flats.

In “Cricket” a group of penguins takes advantage of a pause in the cricket match to play havoc with a ten pin bowling ball. “It’s a straight world without Twisties!”

Bluebird Penguins Credits

The campaign was developed at Publicis Mojo, Auckland, by creative director Nick Worthington, creatives Chris Bleakley and John Pimmer, producers Sacha Loverich and Corey Esse, account director Anne Lochoff and account manager Katie Martin.

Filming for Border Crossing was shot by director Clayton Jacobson via Ghost Pictures, Melbourne. Visual effects were produced at Iloura, Auckland.

Dominoes was shot by Glenn Melenhorst via Iloura.

Cricket was shot by directors Alex Sutherland and Michael Lonsdale via Film Construction, Auckland. Sutherland is now at Thick As Thieves, Auckland.