BILD Facts Since 1952

BILD Newspaper in Germany was founded by Axel Springer in 1952, to become Germany’s largest tabloid newspaper. BILD recently ran a print advertising campaign connecting up with historic and prehistoric events, the sinking of the Titanic, the Trojan Horse invasion, the impact of a large impact on the dinosaur population, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in what he thought was India, and the decision of Adam and Eve to try the fruit of good and evil. “Bild Informeiert. Aber leider erst seit 1952”. “Bild has the facts. Unfortunately Only Since 1952”.

Bild Titanic Warning

Bild Trojan Horse Warning

Bild Titanic

Bild Titanic

Bild Adam & Eve


The Facts campaign was developed at Jung Von Matt, Hamburg, by executive creative director Oliver Voss, creative directors Jan Knauss, Thies Schuster, copywriter Max Biedermann and art director Jan Riggert.

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